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Koka Nami” LTD is a producer and builder of log houses from turned log and wooden frame houses.


Log house from turned log is the cheapest way to build a modern log louse. In the same time that technology includes all positive characteristics which are understood by meaning „ecological log house”.


We offer to build up a log house according to our plans and technical drawings as well as customer’s technical drawings.Possible diameters of the log 16/18/20/22 cm.


There is “Swedish cope” technology used in corner joints. Using that technology ensures that moisture can not stay in the corner joint.There are metal screws used to ensure the stability of the log wall.


As a roof covering can be any roof material, but the most efficient for log due to their weight house are tiles.


There are coniferous three species used for logs, but saunas are worked out with aspen or black alder.


“Koka Nami” produces a variety of articles made from turned log, such as pergolas, swings, tables and chairs, children playgrounds ect.